How long does it take to flush the radiator in the car at once?

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  Everyone knows that the engine is the core of a car, and once the engine malfunctions, the vehicle will become paralyzed. When the engine is running, the piston movement driven by gasoline detonation provides power for the car, but not all of the heat released by gasoline combustion is converted into power. Among them, nearly 50% of the heat will be transferred to metal components such as the engine cylinder block and piston. The more heat accumulates, the more heat needs to be dissipated, otherwise the cylinder block will be burned out and unable to continue working. So, the engine will have a complete heat dissipation system.

  There is a very core part, namely the radiator, which is usually installed in the middle of the front bumper along with the condenser of the air conditioning.

  The surface of a radiator is usually made into a grid shape, usually with small holes, in order to increase the heat dissipation area. These small holes are easily blocked by dust, insects, etc. Once blocked, it will lead to a decrease in heat dissipation effect. So, the cleanliness of this area is very important, but very few people pay attention to this position when washing the car.

  It is recommended to flush the condenser and radiator of the vehicle every 2-4 months, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect of the engine and the cooling effect of the air conditioning.

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