Working Principle and Maintenance of Radiators

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The function of a car cooling system is to maintain the car within an appropriate temperature range under all operating conditions. The cooling system of a car can be divided into air cooling and water cooling. A system that uses air as the cooling medium is called an air cooling system, while a system that uses coolant as the cooling medium is called a water cooling system. Usually, a water cooling system consists of a water pump, radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, compensation bucket, water jacket in the engine body and cylinder head, and other auxiliary devices. Among them, the radiator is responsible for cooling the circulating water, and its water pipes and heat dissipation fins are mostly made of aluminum. The aluminum water pipes are made into flat shapes, and the heat dissipation fins are corrugated, emphasizing heat dissipation performance. The installation direction is perpendicular to the direction of air flow, and the wind resistance should be minimized as much as possible, with high cooling efficiency. The coolant flows inside the radiator core, while air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant cools down by dissipating heat from the air, while the cold air heats up by absorbing the heat dissipated by the coolant. Therefore, a radiator is a heat exchanger.

As a heat transfer and thermal conductivity component inside a car, the car radiator plays an important role. The material of the car radiator is mainly aluminum or copper, and the radiator core is its main component, which contains coolant. Generally speaking, the car radiator is a heat exchanger. For the maintenance and repair of radiators, most car owners only have a limited understanding. Below, I will introduce the daily maintenance and repair of car radiators.

The radiator and water tank together serve as the heat dissipation device of a car. In terms of their material, they are made of metal that is not corrosion-resistant. Therefore, they should be avoided from coming into contact with corrosive solutions such as acids and alkalis to avoid damage. For car radiators, clogging is a common malfunction. To prevent clogging, soft water should be injected into the radiator, while hard water should be softened before injection to prevent scale from causing clogging of the car radiator. Winter weather is cold, and radiators are prone to freezing, expansion, and damage. Therefore, antifreeze should be added to prevent water from freezing. During daily use, the water level should be checked at any time, and the machine should be shut down to cool down before adding water. When adding water to the car radiator, the water tank cover should be slowly opened. The owner and other operators should keep their bodies away from the water inlet as much as possible to avoid scalding caused by high-pressure high-temperature oil and gas spraying out of the outlet.


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