How do different types of radiators need to be maintained?

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Car radiators are generally divided into water-cooled and air-cooled. The heat dissipation of air-cooled engines relies on the circulation of air to remove heat and achieve the effect of heat dissipation. The outer part of the cylinder body of an air-cooled engine is designed and manufactured into a dense sheet structure, thereby increasing the heat dissipation area to meet the heat dissipation needs of the engine. Air cooled engines have advantages such as light weight and easy maintenance compared to commonly used water cooled engines.

Water cooled heat dissipation is the responsibility of the radiator in the water tank to cool the coolant with high engine temperature; The task of the water pump is to circulate the coolant throughout the entire heat dissipation system; The operation of the fan utilizes the ambient temperature to directly blow towards the radiator, allowing the high-temperature coolant inside the radiator to be cooled; The thermostat controls the state of coolant circulation. The reservoir is used to store coolant.

When the vehicle is driving, dust, leaves, and debris can easily accumulate on the surface of the radiator, blocking the cooling blades and causing a decrease in radiator performance. In this case, we can use a brush for cleaning or use a high-pressure air pump to blow away any debris on the radiator.

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