Diagnosis and troubleshooting of automotive radiator fan faults

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  Fault 1. Car

  The Computer fan does not rotate during driving?

  Reason: 1; The engine water temperature does not meet the starting conditions of the Computer fan, and the temperature is low. 2; You can use the engine

  The diagnostic apparatus performs a function test on the Computer fan. If the Computer fan can rotate normally, the circuit is normal. Check the thermostat.

  Fault 2. The car Computer fan does not turn to the air conditioner and does not cool.

  Reason. Firstly, check the temperature control switch of the electronic fan. If the switch is not faulty, check the fault of the electronic fan itself. Only when the electronic fan operates normally can it cool the air conditioning evaporator and cool the air conditioning system.

  Fault 3. The car engine Computer fan does not rotate in high gear

  The reason for the high engine water temperature is mainly due to the electronic fan not starting. After troubleshooting the electronic fan, the water temperature will return to normal. If the electronic fan does not work, first check for poor contact at the connector, check the power supply and grounding of the electronic fan, check if the fan is stuck, check if the fan motor is burnt, etc. These factors can cause the electronic fan to not start. It is recommended that the vehicle go to a 4S store for maintenance in a timely manner, and after troubleshooting, drive on the road.

  Fault 4: The Computer fan of the air conditioner is noisy.

  Reason: Check if there are any areas where the fan casing is worn, check if the fan blades are deformed, if the bearings are damaged, and if there are foreign objects entering the fan.

  Fault 5: The reason why the Computer fan starts frequently after stalling is that it cools the engine.

  The cooling system of an ordinary car also stops working after stalling, often resulting in an increase in temperature after the engine is turned off, causing damage. So now high-end cars are equipped with the automatic cooling function. The power supply of the radiator is directly connected to the battery. The engine temperature is still very high after the flameout, so the Computer fan still works for a period of time and stops after the temperature is cooled to avoid the auto ignition caused by high temperature.

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