What are some things to pay attention to when using car radiators?

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  What are some things to pay attention to when using car radiators?

  What are the possible problems and precautions that may occur during the use of water tank radiators? Poor heat dissipation in the water tank. Some car owners directly use water as coolant. Prolonged use of water as a medium can cause water rust in the engine and water tank. Poor heat dissipation in the water tank can lead to high water temperature. To solve this problem, the rust should be eliminated first, and then the water tank should be cleaned or replaced. Water pump malfunction. The water pump is the core of the car cooling system. Nowadays, most of the water pumps used in cars are blade type, and after pumping water for a long time, the blades will be polished off, causing the water system to not circulate and the water temperature to be high. The cylinder mattress is deformed. Some car owners report that the water temperature in their cars is high, but no leakage was found during actual use. In addition, the coolant in the water tank is consumed relatively quickly. This situation is caused by the deformation or damage of the engine cylinder mattress, which leads to a small amount of cooling water entering the engine for combustion. Therefore, after the car has been driving for a period of time, the water tank is short of water and the water temperature is high. Electronic fan malfunction. The heat in the car's water tank is dissipated by the rotation of the electronic fan. If the electronic fan does not work and the heat cannot be dissipated, the car's water temperature will definitely rise. Sensor failure. The water temperature sensor on the car controls the operation of the electronic fan in the water tank. If the water temperature sensor fails and there is no signal to start the Computer fan, the water temperature will also rise. Harness malfunction. The wiring harness on a car is the nerve of the entire car, and if there is a malfunction in the wiring, it can indirectly cause high water temperature.

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