How to clean the radiator of a car during summer?

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  During the process of driving, various parts of the car work together to generate heat. In order to solve this problem, a car radiator has been introduced. Let's introduce the cleaning of the car radiator.

  1. The radiator should not come into contact with any acid, alkali, or other corrosive properties.

  2. It is recommended to use soft water, while hard water should be softened before use to avoid internal blockage and scale formation in the radiator.

  3. When using antifreeze, in order to avoid corrosion of the radiator, it is necessary to use a long-term rust resistant antifreeze produced by a reputable manufacturer and in accordance with national standards.

  4. During the installation of the radiator, please do not damage the heat dissipation zone (fins) or damage the radiator to ensure heat dissipation capacity and sealing.

  5. When completely draining and refilling the radiator, the water drain switch on the engine block should be turned on first. When there is water flowing out, it should be turned off again to avoid water bubbles.

  6. During daily use, the water level should be checked at any time, and the machine should be shut down to cool down before adding water. When adding water, slowly open the water tank cover and keep the operator's body as far away from the water inlet as possible to prevent burns caused by high-pressure steam spraying from the water inlet.

  7. In winter, to prevent core rupture caused by freezing, such as long-term or indirect parking, the water tank cover and drain switch should be turned off to fully drain the water.

  8. The effective environment for backup radiators should be kept ventilated and dry.

  9. Depending on the actual situation, users should thoroughly clean the core of the radiator within 1-3 months. When cleaning, rinse with clean water along the opposite wind direction.

  10. The water level gauge should be cleaned every 3 months or, depending on the actual situation, each component should be removed and cleaned with warm water and non corrosive detergent.

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