How to learn about car radiators?

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  Many people may not be particularly familiar with car radiators. Radiators belong to the automotive cooling system, and the radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the inlet chamber, outlet chamber, main plate, and radiator core.

  The hose of the engine radiator will age and break easily after long-term use, making it easy for water to enter the radiator. The hose will break during driving, and the high-temperature water splashed out will form a large mass of water vapor spraying from under the engine hood. When this phenomenon occurs, it should be immediately stopped in a safe area and emergency measures should be taken to solve it.

  In general, when the radiator is filled with water, the joint of the hose is most likely to crack and leak. At this point, the damaged part can be cut off with scissors, and then the hose can be reinserted onto the radiator water inlet joint and tightened with a clip or wire.

  If the crack is in the middle of the hose, tape can be used to wrap the leaking crack. Before wrapping, wipe the hose clean. After the leaking area dries, wrap the tape around the leaking area of the hose. Due to the high water pressure inside the hose during engine operation, try to wrap the tape tightly.

  If you don't have adhesive tape on hand, you can wrap the plastic paper around the crack first, and then cut the old cloth into strips and wrap them around the hose. Sometimes the hose has a large crack and may still leak after being wrapped. At this time, the water tank cover can be opened to reduce the pressure in the water channel and reduce leakage.

  After taking the above measures, the engine speed should not be too fast, and it is recommended to drive in high gear as much as possible. During driving, attention should also be paid to the position of the water temperature gauge pointer. If the water temperature is too high, the vehicle should be stopped to cool down or replenish cooling water.

  In terms of maintenance, radiators can use curing agents. Radiator rust inhibitor, which can prevent pitting and cavitation in parts such as radiators, heating radiators, cylinder bodies, and cylinder heads. The special buffer components added to the rust inhibitor can neutralize acidic substances, thereby preventing acidic corrosion of various components in the system and protecting the water tank. Rust inhibitors can also prevent the formation of deposits and enhance the cooling effect. The best time to add rust inhibitor is to clean the cooling system and add it according to the product instructions.

  Radiator cleaning agents can be used to remove scale, dirt, grease, and gum from the radiator and engine water jacket. After cleaning, it can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect of the engine water jacket and radiator, and eliminate the problem of engine overheating. When selecting this type of cleaning agent, it should be ensured that the product has no corrosive effect on radiators, hoses, gaskets, aluminum alloy cylinder bodies, cylinder heads, etc.

  The radiator super cooling protective agent can enhance the cooling effect of the engine at high temperature, inhibit the generation of foam in the radiator, prevent the radiator from "boiling", at the same time, it can also prevent the cooling system from rusting and scaling, inhibit pitting and cavitation of aluminum components, extend the service life of the radiator, and has no corrosion effect on the hoses and metal parts in the cooling system.

  Permanent radiator sealing agents have a rapid sealing effect on leaks and leaks in radiator, heating radiator, cylinder block and cylinder head, water pump, and other parts of the cooling system. It is composed of delicate fiber, curing agent, rust inhibitor, buffer and anti foam ingredients. Its leak proof component is Microfiber, which will not block the radiator pipe, but also has the function of rust prevention and corrosion prevention, which can greatly extend the service life of the radiator.

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